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Extend the Internet to every room and expand your home network with reliable TP Link networking solutions (WiFi booster, modem routers, and other wireless solutions). Enhance your home setup with TP Link Smart Home solutions (smart bulbs, smart plugs, etc.), choose TP Link security solutions for surveillance and protection, and stay at the top of your game with TP Link cloud solutions. Reach farther and stream faster with TP Link, simplifying connectivity, enhancing security, and elevating network coverage.
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TP Link Powerline: WiFi Booster, Wireless, Modem Routers  


TP Link specialises in consumer networking, consumer electronics, enterprise networking, enterprise security, cloud services, and software. It is committed to delivering high-performance and usable products to users worldwide. TP Link offers a range of products, including Mesh WiFi, range extenders, accessories, routers, smart switches, smart hubs, smart robot vacuums, smart lighting, cloud networking solutions with Omada, smart surveillance with VIGI, and much more. 

Connect to a smarter future with TP Link, your trusted partner in networking solutions.  

Extending Your Network with TP Link Powerline 


TP Link Powerline is a 'plug-and-play system' that extends your network. It is a networking solution that 'turns a home's electrical wiring into network cables and transmits signals to every room'. TP Link Powerline eliminates the need for complex and expensive Ethernet cables and offers a stable, unified network across your house. The three main types of TP Link Powerline products are the Powerline WiFi Kit, the Powerline Starter Kit, and the Single Powerline WiFi Extender. 


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TP Link Products 


TP Link offers a wide range of products under three categories: Home, Smart Home, and Business.  


Popular TP Link products are the TP Link Mesh WiFi, TP Link routers (you can find a high-end TP Link router, basic router TPLink, TP Link wireless router (WiFi router), TP Link modem router, and others), products for network expansion (range extenders, access pointers, Powerline), adapters, smart sensors, smart plugs, and much more! 


Whether you are looking for a TP Link WiFi booster, an affordable WiFi router, a TP Link modem and router, mesh WiFi, an advanced wireless router, cloud or security solutions, or something else to extend your wireless network with, you can easily find it at TP Link. 


Benefits of TP Link Products 


There are many benefits to using TP Link products. 


Reliable Use 


TP Link products offer reliable use and are known for their stability and consistency. 




Buying TP Link products is easy, as they are cost-effective. However, despite being economical, they provide elevated use, accelerated performance, and durability. 


Broad Selection 


A broad selection of TP Link products is available, enabling you to choose according to your needs and preferences.  


Impressive Compatibility 


These products are highly compatible with different operating systems and devices, ensuring seamless connectivity and use. 


Speedy Performance 


TP Link products are high-performing products. Their speedy and powerful performance distinguishes them from others. 


Unbelievable Smart Home Range 


TP Link Smart Home range offers the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use, and modern solutions (smart hub, smart switches, smart plugs, smart lighting, smart cameras, etc.) to uplift your home setup's look, provide security, and ensure power efficiency. 


Upgrade Your Home with TP Link Products at Box! 


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