Ordering FAQs

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers below.

How can I track my order?

All orders are dispatched using a courier service. You can track your parcel directly from the courier website. To do this, please use the tracking number provided via email and enter it into the 'track your parcel option' on the courier website.

What does my order status mean?

Here are the definitions for your order status:


The order has been sent to our warehouse for fulfilment. Your order will be dispatched within 1-2 working days.


The order has been fully dispatched. The dispatch tracking number is in the Order Tracking email, where you can obtain up-to-date dispatch information.

When can I expect my delivery?

All orders should be delivered in the expected delivery window, as specified in the delivery options when selecting them during checkout. We may send items individually, so if you have ordered more than one item from us, you may receive them on different days.

What is your policy for returning items?

Please see our Warranty & Returns policy here or contact us at cs@box.co.uk.

I need help with ordering. What should I do?

Placing an order on the Box.co.uk website is very simple. You can order online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using our secure server. Add your selected product(s) to the basket, proceed through the checkout, and opt for payment methods such as direct checkout using your Debit/Credit Card or via PayPal.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit/debit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, and American Express. You can also pay via PayPal or Pay in 3!

What is the response time for inquiries?

We aim to respond to all emails/ inquiries within 1-2 business days. During busy periods, we may experience a backlog of inquiries, but nonetheless, we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

What should I do if my item is faulty?

You need to inform us as soon as possible if your item has developed a fault. Faulty items are products that we supply to you which do not conform to the contract. The following are not classed as faulty items:

Any items that fail due to normal wear and tear, accident, willful damage, failure to follow instructions, negligence by you or a third party, use otherwise than per their intended use, or any modification or maintenance carried out without the prior approval of Box.co.uk or the manufacturer.

In the first instance, we will attempt to rectify the fault promptly. Failing that, we will offer a replacement for a similar-aged product. Sometimes, when this is not possible, a partial or full refund will be offered, depending on the circumstances.

(Dedicated support numbers for most brands offered by us)
In most cases the manufacturer acts as our agent to repair your goods. For the quickest solution please contact the manufacturer first in the event of any issues.

What is the Industry Standard Policy regarding LCD pixel faults?

All LCD displays sold on the Box.co.uk website adhere to the ISO 13406-2 standard, which regulates the acceptability of defects and protects the end user. ISO 13406-2 recommends how many defaults are acceptable in a display before it should be replaced within the terms and conditions of its warranty. Today's production techniques cannot guarantee a completely fault-free display.

The table below shows the allowable number of malfunctioning pixels that are acceptable, depending on the native resolution of the LCD and allowing for 2 malfunctioning pixels per million pixels.

Note: Unless the number of pixels exceeds the tolerance level stated and set in the ISO table below, we cannot take the items back for a replacement.

Native Resolution No. of pixels No. of Million Pixels Acceptable defects
1024x768 786,432 0.8 2
1280x1024 1,310,720 1.3 3
1600x1200 1,920,200 1.9 4
2048x1536 3,145,728 3.1 6

The table below shows the allowable number of malfunctioning sub-pixels that are acceptable, depending on the native resolution of the LCD and allowing for 5 malfunctioning sub-pixels per million pixels.

Native Resolution No. of pixels No. of Million Pixels Acceptable defects
1024x768 786,432 0.8 4
1280x1024 1,310,720 1.3 7
1600x1200 1,920,200 1.9 10
2048x1536 3,145,728 3.1 16

The table below shows the allowable number of malfunctioning sub-pixels that are acceptable within a 5 x 5 block of pixels, depending on the native resolution and allowing for 2 malfunctioning sub-pixels within a 5 x 5 block, per million pixels.

Native Resolution No. of pixels No. of Million Pixels Acceptable defects
1024x768 786,432 0.8 2
1280x1024 1,310,720 1.3 3
1600x1200 1,920,200 1.9 4
2048x1536 3,145,728 3.1 6

Glossary terms

3G HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access)
High-speed Internet on the move. Computers with built-in 3G HSDPA modems will have a SIM card slot like those on mobile phones. If you insert a SIM card, you can access mobile broadband using the phone company’s network.

Bluetooth is a short-range radio signal that allows you to connect other Bluetooth devices to your laptop. A common example is connecting your mobile phone to your laptop to wirelessly send and receive pictures to and from the laptop/mobile phone.

A computer with a wireless LAN or Wi-Fi card will allow you to join networks at home and outdoors. These networks usually allow access to the Internet, so you can catch up with your emails or surf the Internet while you walk around your house or enjoy coffee in a café.

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a new technology that can carry digital video and audio signals down a single cable. This technology provides the best quality video and audio and can be plugged directly into most HD-ready TVs.

The VGA-out port on your laptop will allow you to plug your computer into a larger-screen TV, but it does not have the same image quality as an HDMI cable would allow. They also do not carry sound signals, so you will require a separate cable to transfer sound from your laptop to your TV.

(Universal Serial Bus) enables users to plug their peripherals into an available USB port and have it automatically recognised and installed. USB 1.1 is the older variation and transfers data at up to 12mbps (megabits per second), while USB 2.0 offers faster speeds of up to 480mbps.

Until what time do you handle order processing?

Orders are processed and reviewed throughout the day. We will process and dispatch your order according to your chosen delivery date. In case of any problem, we will contact you as soon as possible.

At Box.co.uk, we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. Our team ensures the timely processing and dispatch of orders. Delays are rare; if there is one, we will attempt to resolve it immediately.

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch with us at cs@box.co.uk.

What's the cut-off time for next-day delivery?

Box.co.uk is committed to providing efficient delivery options and fulfilling customer requirements.

We offer an Express Delivery service, which takes 1-2 working days. Cut-off dispatch time is 3pm. Our couriers can deliver usually within the hours of 9am to 5pm.

The Delivery Information & Prices summarizes our delivery options and how to choose your delivery.

We prioritise delivering on time and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Why isn't my promotional code working?

Box.co.uk frequently offers new promotions, which you can avail yourself of using a promotional code. Please check the specific terms and conditions of the code to see if your order is eligible and whether the code is still valid/hasn’t expired. Please get in touch with us if the code is entered correctly and you're still experiencing problems after checking the above.
Avoid typographical errors, case sensitivity or restrictions when using a promotional code. Double-check your input before proceeding to avoid any errors.
Our customer support team is available to assist you with any unresolved issues related to promotional codes. Please feel free to email us at cs@box.co.uk for further assistance. We are committed to providing prompt solutions to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Billing FAQs

Which payment methods do you accept?

We offer several payment options including MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, PayPal* and American Express. Please see our checkout for the options that are applicable for your order as this can vary depending on the products in your basket.
*For security reasons we’ll deliver to confirmed addresses only when paying with PayPal. To confirm your address, add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account. Once your billing address is verified, your shipping address will automatically be confirmed. If you require your order to be posted elsewhere, please use a different payment method.

What happens if my payment fails?

If your payment fails, and payment is attempted multiple times, we will only receive one payment. Any failed attempts will clear your account in 48 hours. If your payment fails, and payment is attempted multiple times, please contact your bank provider or our Customer Service team at: cs@box.co.uk

If I've cancelled my order how long will the refund take?

Please allow up to 5 working days for your payment to be refunded (excludes weekends and bank holidays).

Is there a charge for using certain cards or PayPal?

There are no charges for using UK debit/credit cards or PayPal. However, corporate cards have a surcharge of 1%. To bring you the lowest prices, our profit margins are very low. Due to this, we are unable to absorb the surcharges incurred when using a corporate card.

When do you take payment for the order?

We take payment immediately once you have placed your order and your payment details have been authorised.

Why has my PayPal payment been refunded?

If your PayPal payment has been refunded, it usually means that your address is unconfirmed. To confirm your address, add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account. Once your billing address is verified, your shipping address will automatically be confirmed.

Why won’t my debit payment go through?

Please check that all your card details have been entered correctly and that you’ve used the correct billing address. If you’re placing a high value order, you may need to contact your bank.

Why have I received an email to say that you’re awaiting payment?

This means that unfortunately your initial payment was unsuccessful and that you are required to login to your account to complete payment for your order.

Delivery FAQs

I did not receive a tracking number - how do I get one?

We ship from multiple locations using various delivery companies - some companies unfortunately do not provide us with a tracking number. If a tracking number is available, you will see it in your account, or it will be emailed to you after dispatch.

What do I do if there are items missing from my delivery?

In the unlikely event that there’s items missing from your delivery, contact us within 48 hours.

Can I change my delivery address?

We are sorry but for security reasons, we cannot change the delivery address once your order has been dispatched so, please make sure the delivery and billing address are correct before placing your order.

Can I still collect from your showroom and warehouse?

Due to COVID-19, we will no longer be offering collection from our warehouse. We have also made the difficult decision to close our showroom permanently.

Can my parcel be left with a neighbour?

Clients can request a leave with neighbour or leave in a safe place with our couriers directly, after shipment.

Where is my order?

Please check the estimated delivery date and tracking details (where applicable) on your order confirmation email. If you are unable to track your order, please allow up to 5pm on the expected day of delivery for your item to arrive. Still hasn’t arrived? Contact us.

I have missed my delivery, what shall I do?

If you’re not in when your order is delivered, please visit the courier’s website with your consignment number to rearrange delivery. If you do not have a consignment number, please contact us by email: cs@box.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

What do I do if I am having an issue with the website?

If you have any issues using our website or would simply like to let us know how you think it could be improved, please get in touch with our team by emailing cs@box.co.uk

How do I make a complaint?

We really hope that you are happy with your purchase and the service you have received from us. However, if you would like to make a formal complaint, please send us an email at cs@box.co.uk.

Have an issue with an item purchased before 1st February 2024?

Good news- we’re here to help. You’ll be pleased to know that Box.co.uk is back, under new ownership of Five Tech LTD!
If you’re having trouble with an item you purchased before 01/02/24, we recommend reaching out to manufacturers/brands directly for support. Please click here for a full list of contact details.
Still need help?
Drop us an email at enquiries@box.co.uk.