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    Apple iPad Air 2022 5th Gen M1 Chip 8GB RAM 64GB Storage 10.9 inch Liquid Retina Wi-Fi Tablet

    • Apple M1 Processor
    • LPDDR4x-SDRAM Memory
    • 10.9 in , 2360 x 1640 Max. Resolution
    • 8 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage
    • 12 MP Front Camera
    • iPadOS 15
    • USB-C | Apple Magnetic Connector
    £699.99 inc. VAT. / £449.99 inc. VAT.
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Powerful, easy to use and versatile. The Apple iPad has long been the gold standard when it comes to tablet devices. Their flawless touchscreen displays are paired with cutting-edge hardware, innovative learning-based apps and camera lenses capable of rivalling even some of the most high-end cameras on the market today. Apple’s flagship tablet range strikes that elegant balance between laptop and smartphone, or more specifically MacBook and iPhone. With an Apple iPad in your collection, your productivity and entertainment are never left on pause, even when you are on the move. Whatever task you are faced with, you are empowered to carry on working, playing, learning, creating and connecting without compromise. Here at Box, we stock all the latest Apple iPad generations, up to the most recent 10th generation release. We also feature ranges with classic takes on the acclaimed iPad design like the Apple Mini 6 and the Apple iPad Pro.

Apple iPad 10th Generation

Tech users looking for the all-new iPad revolution should look towards our Apple iPad 10th Gen ranges. Here you will find a reimagined iPad experience, designed to be more intuitive and more capable than ever. The A14 Bionic Chip and GPU combination empower your ability to get things done, while the 10.9” Liquid Retina display gives you license to really express yourself on the digital canvas, as you go edge to edge making notes, creating content and even just sitting back and taking in the sights. The 12MP ultra-wide camera supports even the most ambitious shutterbugs, with 4K recording and edits made possible. Capture memories that will last a lifetime and store them just as easily on this revolutionary iPad experience.

Apple iPad Pro

Our Apple iPad Pro ranges give you access to the ultimate iPad experience, now on a much grander scale. With display sizes ranging from 11” to 12.9”, all while maintaining the flawless resolutions of the liquid retina technology, the Apple iPad Pro is perfect for expanding the way you work. The Apple iPad Pro can transform into a professional film studio at a moment’s notice, complete with all your essential recording and editing apps, then into your art studio, with access to a comprehensive suite of creative tools, so whatever your passion may be, you have the power to fully realise it. The display reaches an exceptional level of brightness and colour accuracy thanks to Mini-LED screen technology, in addition to a P3 wide colour gamut, True Tone, ProMotion adaptive refresh rates and more. This allows you to watch, game and create on the go with almost the same level of proficiency as you would find on a desktop PC and monitor setup.

Apple iPad Mini

Sometimes smaller is better. Our range of Apple iPad Mini devices harnesses the power and efficiency of your Apple iPad devices into an even more travel-friendly design. The high-performance hardware and features that give your Apple devices the power to do more are retained, like the A15 Bionic Chip, the expansive RAM capacities and the 12MP wide camera lens, with the major distinction being the more compact display size. With a display size of 8.3”, the Apple iPad Mini offers a much more convenient user experience, both in and out of usage while on the go. The screen itself does not compromise on quality or resolution just because of its smaller form factor, which means you are free to continue working, watching, gaming and creating just as you would on your other tablet devices and even your laptops, only with the added benefit of convenient storage now made possible. Within your carry cases and backpacks, you can have plenty of room left over for your laptops and accessories, as well as any tablet accessories you may wish to accompany you on your travels.

Save Big on All Apple iPad Ranges at Box

Browse our full range of Apple iPad tablets and find which one is suited to you and your tech collection. Not only do you have plenty of choice when it comes to which model you want to take home, but you can also make individual selections when it comes to the hardware your tablet will possess. From selecting your storage capacities to your colour combinations, you can make sure your Apple iPad is uniquely yours.