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  1. Logitech Blue Microphones Yeti Anniversary Edition Table Microphone

    • USB, Headphone output (mini-phone 3.5mm)
    • Professional Audio, Computer - Instrument
    • Vocal, Voice, Broadcast, Recording
    • Mute, Volume, Gain Control
    • With Microphone stand
    • USB cable - detachable
    £129.49 inc. VAT.
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Logitech Microphones: Different Sizes and Colours    




Logitech offers many microphones for diverse purposes and needs. Logitech microphones, including the Blue microphones, are known for their incredible quality and versatility. Enjoy various recording options, remarkable compatibility, and high-quality audio with Logitech microphones. They remain popular among streamers, gamers, and podcasters, and are both affordable and durable. Most of them are simple to set up and use and have highly appealing and attractive designs (some models feature dual zone RGB with LIGHTSYNC) for an enhanced user experience.


Experience unparalleled sound with a Logitech mic and take gaming, streaming, and other activities to new heights. Logitech offers a range of microphones to cater to individual needs and preferences.    


Logitech Blue microphones are popular among gamers and casual computers. They offer stunning sound quality and immense clarity for powerful gaming and computing experiences. Blue microphones such as the Blue Sona feature ClearAmp technology, a dual-diaphragm mic capsule design, and a super-cardioid pick-up pattern for unrivalled use.    


Box.co.uk offers a wide range of Logitech microphones, including the Blue microphones, for exceptional use. Whether you are looking for a top-end microphone or a beginner-level one, you can find it at Box. Browse us to find the ultimate microphone for your needs.    


Logitech Microphones Features


Logitech microphones offer incomparable sound quality. Like Shure Microphones UK, they pack many features for unmatched use.  


Based on your chosen model, you can enjoy multiple pickup patterns, dynamic and condenser options, LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting (in some cases), Blue VO!CE software, impressive designs, modern aesthetics, ClearAmp technology, and high-quality components with these fantastic microphones and use them for various purposes.


You can also find wireless mics and other high-quality products, such as the Logitech Rally Mic Pod, at Logitech to uplift audio performance.


Logitech offers wireless mics with its top-end headsets and the Logitech Rally Mic Pod with RightSound for high-quality audio and video performance and collaboration in large meeting spaces.    


Exploring the Benefits of Choosing Logitech Microphones    


High-Quality Components    


Logitech microphones comprise premium-grade materials, ensuring peerless durability and quality sound.


For instance, the Logitech Blue microphones have advanced condensers and dynamic capsules for detailed, clear sound, and offer professional-grade audio for music recording, podcasts, and streaming.    


Various Customisation Options


Specific Logitech microphone models have various voice modulation options, audio effects, and EQ settings, enabling you to fine-tune your sound according to your use and application.    


Multiple Pickup Patterns    


Logitech microphones, such as the Blue Yeti, feature multiple pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo) for versatility in different recording scenarios, improved sound quality, creative control, and enhanced flexibility.


Integrated Controls    


Many Logitech mic models include integrated volume, gain, and mute controls, which enable real-time adjustments and enhance convenience while the microphone is in use.    


Simple to Set Up    


Logitech microphones are easy to set up. You can set most of them up with a USB connection.  


Order Logitech Blue Microphones and Others at Box!    


Logitech microphones are durable and professional-looking. Some models feature LIGHTSYNC for a personalised aesthetic, while others like the Blue Sona have ClearAmp technology, which eliminates the need for an external preamp by amplifying the microphone signals for studio-quality sound.    


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Level up your voice with Logitech microphones at Box, enjoying professional-grade performance for unlimited success.