Logitech Headsets

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Our range of Logitech headsets are ideal if you need a crystal clear headset for business use, or an immersive headset for gaming. Logitech headsets are multitaskers that block noise and allow you to perform any number of tasks, even in a busy environment. 

Headsets make work and life easier. They free up your hands so you can compute while you talk; voice filters make you sound sharper and clearer in calls and video meetings. Choose between a wide selection of wired and wireless headsets that connect to your computer, laptop, smartphones or tablet. 

A headset is a much needed accessory, whether you're working in the office or especially if you're currently working at home and need reliable equipment to connect to your daily Zoom or Teams calls. When you're done with the work day, a Logitech headset can make your gaming experience much more involved. Logitech headsets are the perfect peripheral for a laptop or PC. 

When choosing a Logitech headset with a noise cancelling microphone, firstly check compatibility - many headsets can be used with desktops, laptops and smartphones alike. With wireless Logitech headsets, check that the range is suitable and that the sound quality works for your needs. With some models, you can also use on-ear controls to mute calls, change volume and more. 

The Logitech range features headsets with different ways to connect including bluetooth, USB and headphone jacks, be sure to choose the right connection for your device. If you're connecting via bluetooth, also check that your PC or laptop has bluetooth capabilties! 

Browse our extensive selection of both corded and wireless Logitech headsets, and other accessories including Logitech keyboards