Gigabyte Aorus Monitors

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  1. Gigabyte AORUS CO49DQ 49" Dual Quad HD OLED FreeSync Premium Pro 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

    • 49 in DQHD OLED Display, 5120 x 1440 Max. Resolution
    • 0.03 ms Response Time, 144 Hz Refresh Rate
    • HDMI | USB | DisplayPort
    £1,199.00 inc. VAT.
    In stock
    *FREE Delivery
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Gigabyte AORUS Monitors

Step up everyday viewing and gaming experiences with Gigabyte AORUS monitors, known for their high visual fidelity and innovative performance. These monitors offer striking resolutions, incredibly high refresh rates, low response times, lifelike colours, and phenomenal colour accuracy, which sets them apart. An AORUS Gigabyte monitor has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to adjust. Choose one for superior viewing, pixel perfection, and gaming dominance.

Gigabyte AORUS monitors are top-rated and the best for professional use and gaming. They give you the edge, precision, and control you need to excel in your gaming and other endeavours. Gigabyte offers a wide range of quality monitors, making it easy to find and choose one. Whether you are looking for a Gigabyte AORUS 4K monitor, a Gigabyte OLED monitor, a Gigabyte 32-inch monitor, Gigabyte curved monitor, or any other, you will find it in no time!

Enjoy the perfect screen size, advanced panel technology, stunning resolution, and high refresh rates with Gigabyte AORUS monitors, which offer flawless viewing experiences. Gigabyte AORUS monitors provide wide viewing angles and specific monitors support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for smooth gameplay and low latency.

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Gigabyte AORUS Monitors: Key Features and Benefits

High Refresh Rates

Unsurprisingly, Gigabyte AORUS monitors have high refresh rates (165Hz, 240Hz etc.) for enhanced clarity and ultrasmooth gameplay.

Low Response Times

Many Gigabyte AORUS monitors have a very low response time (0.03ms, 0.5ms), offering quick reactions, greater detail, and sharp images.

HDR Support and Adaptive Sync Technologies

Gigabyte AORUS monitors offer HDR support and feature Adaptive Sync technologies.

While HDR support improves contrasts and brightness and provides a wider colour gamut, enhanced details, realistic colours, and captivating gaming experiences, Adaptive Sync technologies such as AMD FreeSync Premium Pro offer low latency, optimised gaming experiences, and professional-grade visuals.

High Resolutions

Experience viewing brilliance with Gigabyte AORUS monitors, which have high resolutions such as 3840 x 2160, 2560 x 1440, and 1920 x 1080 full HD. They offer exceptional clarity, accuracy, and detail for impeccable viewing experiences.


Gigabyte AORUS monitors support the latest panel technologies, such as IPS, OLED, VA, etc., for excellent colour accuracy, perfect blacks, vivid colours, high contrast ratios, and in-depth viewing.


They have ergonomic designs, which make them easy to tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust. Additionally, many AORUS monitors are compatible with the VESA mount, further elevating their use.


They support multiple ports, such as USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort, for additional benefits and use.

Build Quality

These monitors are a solid fit for the long term, as they are durable and offer sustained use.

Top Models

The top Gigabyte AORUS monitors worth trying out are:



AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor

AORUS FI27Q-X Gaming Monitor

AORUS CO49DQ Gaming Monitor

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