Gaming Headsets

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    ASUS ROG Cetra True Moonlight In-Ear Wireless Gaming Headphones - White

    • Wireless
    • Low-latency wireless audio
    • Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)
    • Water Resistance
    £89.99 inc. VAT. / £89.95 inc. VAT.
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    ASUS ROG Strix Go Core Headset Head-Band 3.5 mm Connector Black

    • Soft Ear Pads
    • Adjustable Headband
    • Noise Cancelling Microphone
    £79.99 inc. VAT. / £59.95 inc. VAT.
    In stock
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Gaming Headsets

Take your gaming experience to the next level with our extensive range of gaming headsets. With industry leading brands such as Corsair, EPOS, Logitech G, Razer and SteelSeries in stock, you'll be sure to find the perfect headset to suit your playstyle and budget.

Having a top-quality gaming headset allows you to even further immerse yourself into the gaming experience, giving you the chance to hear every fine detail and adding extra dimensions to everything you hear in-game. On top of that, gaming headsets that come with built-in microphones will allow you to communicate properly with your friends or teammates.

How to choose the best Gaming Headset for me?

Selecting the best pair of gaming headphones comes down to a variety of factors that depend on your individual requirements and preferences. To help make the decision easier we've put together a helpful buying guide that details all of the areas you'll need to look out for when making your decision.


Firstly you'll want to ensure that any headset chosen is fully compatible with your gaming set-up, which is why we stock a range of Xbox Series X & S, Gaming PC and Sony PlayStation 5 compatible gaming headsets that ensure you're new headset will work perfectly.

Audio Type

Not all gaming headsets are created equal and that's more apparent than anywhere when it comes to audio quality. A headset's audio driver size will play a significant role in the quality of audio produced, so the larger the number here the better. We advise anything 50mm or over to be extremely good.

With 7 speakers and a subwoofer built-in a True Surround Sound headset will produce next generation sound that allows you to hear sneaking enemies and immersive environments so true that you'll feel at one with the game whilst wearing a pair of 7.1 surround sound gaming headphones. A Virtual Surround Sound headset reproduces this effect with just two stereo speakers. While this process can never stand up to true surround sound, it does come mighty close and provides a life-like experience that will drop you in the heart of the game.

Standard Stereo headsets will often still produce exceptional audio quality, but will lack that immersive feel that true and virtual surround sound creates. However these gaming headsets tend to be much cheaper and make for a great entry level option.


While most headsets will connect via a standard wired 3.5mm jack connector, making them viable options for use with multiple devices, some may utilise a USB connection which again offers great universal connection on both PC and gaming consoles alike. An uncommon but increasingly interesting option comes in the form of USB-C, whereby the gaming headset can plug in to this smaller and fast port.

If you're tired of wired and fancy a cleaner option then a Wireless headset would make a great selection. Paired via the universal and easy to use Bluetooth method, a wireless headset offers great function across a range of compatible devices. We do recommend checking your PC or Gaming Laptop has Bluetooth built-in before purchasing however, as not all come with this feature as standard and may need an adapter if so.


A gaming headphone is often judged on its microphone, with clarity, flexibility and design some of the key features that are considered. The ability to rotate, bend or even hide the microphone when not in use can instantly turn a gaming headset into a high-end pair of headphones for when not in game-chat with friends and family. A cardiod microphone is often something to look out for as this will provide a more focused angle of sound, enabling you to be heard and background noises greatly reduced.


Physical controls on gaming headsets will vary depending on the manufacturer and price-point, but can make for an intuitive way of controlling your volume levels, quick muting of the microphone, and game/chat balance.

RGB lighting

When it comes to choosing your next headset, many will decide based on features and spec, however one feature that continually tops gamer's list of must haves is RGB lighting integrated within the headphones. Here at Box we have a stunning selection of gaming headsets with RGB lightning built-in to choose from, that's sure to compliment your gaming set-up perfectly.